Building bright futures

Autumn Term

The teaching team includes:

Miss Simpson (Class Teacher)

Mr Ellis (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rashid (Teaching Assistant)

We are all looking forward to working in partnership with you in order to secure the best outcomes for your child.

Miss Simpson will be in the playground on Tuesday mornings. Please see her then if you would like to book an appointment to talk about your child.


This term we will be particularly focusing on improving our reasoning especially 2 step word problems. We will be learning to always underline the important words, decide which of the four operations to use, how to solve the calculations and then, most importantly, to check that our answer is sensible and makes sense. We will also be looking at properties of triangles and how to use a protractor to measure angles. What will really help us is if we learn out times tables up to 12 x 12 off by heart.


The genres we are looking at this half term are biographies and information texts. We are using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Dragons to inspire our learning. our punctuation focus will be on semi-colons, colons and commas for clauses. We also want to really improve our spelling and we'll do this by practising our spelling list for homework, learning spelling rules and having weekly spelling tests.


This term is all about Evolution and Inheritance. We will be suing all our research skills to learn about famous scientists and creating information texts about not only these incredible people but also the fascinating world of evolution and adaptation. We will look at the characteristics we inherit from our parents and those that we do not.  


This term we will be focusing on our value for this half term which is Justice. 


It's all about the mysterious Maya in Year 6! We will be finding all about this ancient culture from the geography of Mexico to the Maya's slightly strange and gruesome rituals they performed. We will be making our own delicious Mexican food and making some wonderfully colourful Maya head dresses.


Our focus this term is Invasion games. This means we will spend time practising football, rugby and basketball and working to improve skills such as making space, passing and moving. 

How you can help


To help us improve our maths we really need to learn our times tables up to 12 x 12 off by heart as well as our squared and prime numbers. Practising them with us and testing us on them as often as possible would make a huge difference. 


Doing exactly the same with our spellings would also help when we get them on a Friday for our weekly tests on a Thursday. 


Please make sure that our homework is done and handed in on time every Wednesday so that Miss Simpson can mark it and give us all the support we need. 


In Christ Church this year, we are all being encouraged to read more and to enjoy it! Reading with us every day for 10 minutes can really improve our comprehension. Make sure we record our thoughts in our home-reading records.


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