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Spring Term

Welcome to Spring 2 in Year 5.

Miss Mears is available to speak with on Wednesday mornings from 8:30 am or if you book an appointment. Please see her if you would like to book an appointment to talk about your child.

Our whole school value this term is Humility. 


This term the class will be covering topics include the following:

*Addition and Subtraction of fractions

*Ordering fractions and finding the Lowest Common Denominator

*Converting from improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa

*Multiplying fractions

*Finding fractions of amounts



*Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages


Following on from older literature, we are going to study the famous legend 'Beowulf'. This text has been adapted from the original text and the students are going to work towards oral retelling of a legend their using notes and creating their own version of the second part of the story. They are also going to be writing newspaper reports about the heroic tales of 'Beowulf'.


Properties and Changes of Materials is the focus for Science this term. We will be exploring which materials are best suited for certain conditions and uses. We will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes of materials, properties of materials and undertaking experiments to help us decide what properties they possess.


Our whole school value this half term is Humility. We will be focusing on how to be humble in our everyday lives.

In RE we will be looking at aspects of Jesus' life and teaching and think about how that affects our lives today. We will be looking at forgiveness, justice, love and care for others.


Our topic this Spring term is Vikings. this is an exciting and interesting topic which sees us explore the Viking invasion in England and their way of life once settled in the UK. We will research how they lived and worked, identifying and exploring Viking artefacts, how the invasions affected the people living in the UK at the time. 


Their focus in PE this term is gymnastics.

How you can help

The children will need to bring PE kit on Mondays and Fridays. please help them to remember this.

They also need to be reading each evening and recording thoughts in their reading record book. Remember to read and have the book signed every night as Miss Mears is keeping  a record of the books your child reads.

This will be given out on a Thursday. It will be collected and marked as a class on the following Wednesday. Please encourage your child to complete this, to the best of their ability. This is important as it will help to embed the learning and new skills your child is being taught. If your child requires assistance with their homework, Miss Mears is more than happy to assist them during the week.


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