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Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 4

Let me introduce you to the Year 4 teaching team:

Miss Geach (Class Teacher)

Mrs Khanam (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Miah (Teaching Assistant)

Our class target this half term is to plan carefully before we start any piece of work. This will mean that we will always be able to achieve our best.


In Maths this half term we are focusing on number. We will be revising place value as well as learning new strategies for addition and subtraction. it is really important that every child in Year 4 has learnt his/her times tables by the end of the year. There will be weekly tests on the times tables that have been set for homework. So get practising at home, on the bus, in the shower!



In Literacy we are going to be studying fairy tales, but with a twist. We will be looking at how we can adapt stories that we already know really well by changing the setting or characters. We will also have an introduction to classic poetry by studying 'The Lady of Shalott' by Alfred Lord Tennyson. This is a challenging text but we will be using videos, art and drama to help us. It will be lots of fun!


In Science our first topic this year is States of Matter. What are the differences between solids, liquids and gases? Why do liquids run? What is that stuff on the inside of the bus window? Year 4 will be able to answer all these questions and more by half term.


In RE lessons we will be learning about the Lord's Prayer and Noah. We will also be looking at the importance of Canterbury Cathedral. We will have the chance to see a Synagogue and think about the similarities and differences with different religions. There will be time to reflect of what we have learnt about religion and how this relates to the way we want to live.

Our value this half term is 'Justice'.


Our first topic this year is Britain Past and Present. This is a combined History and Geography topic in which we will be learning all about the counties of Southern England, the countries that make up the UK and British Isles and focusing on map reading skills. We will be comparing Southern England today with how the country was organised by the Anglo-Saxans as well as why they chose to settle here.


In PE this term, Year 4 will be studying invasion games (football, tag rugby) and net/wall games (tennis, badminton). They will be working on passing, dribbling, attacking space and movement skills. Please note that PE is on Monday and Tuesday and make sure that your child has the correct PE kit (including trainers) on those days.

How you can help

You can help your child most be being interested in what they are doing at school. Ask him/her about his/her day and what they have enjoyed the most. It is very important that your child is reading for at least 10 minutes a day. The children are encouraged to take a book home from the book corner. Reading records will be checked on a Wednesday. We are encouraging reading for pleasure in Year 4, so your child should bring in his/her book everyday so we can all read for pleasure during the school day. They will also be able to take out a book from the school library every Friday. Please help your child to take care of these books.

Homework and spellings go home on a Thursday and are expected to be brought back in the following Wednesday. Spelling tests are on Friday's. If your child has any problems with the homework, please encourage him/her to come and see a member of the teaching team before Wednesday.  

If you have any questions about how to support your child, please come and see a member of the teaching team. We want to support your child to achieve the best that he/she can!


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