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Spring Term

Welcome back! This term we have welcomed Miss Joyce as our class teacher. 

Our class target this half term is to focus on presentation of our work and our handwriting. This is a key focus that we will be working on every day and there may be handwriting homework this half term. We expect the children to try and make sure each letter is the correct size, written on the line and if possible joined up. Children who can demonstrate this may be able to use a pen and receive a pen licence!  

Our Christian value for this term is Humility and what it means to be humble. It would be lovely if you could have a conversation with your child about what that word means.


This half term we will be focusing on measurement, specifically length and perimeter.

All children are now expected to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. Lots of children now know these times tables but they must know them at speed and out of order so keep practising! The children may practice these at home using Times Table Rockstars! 


This half term we will be focusing on for and against arguments, so get those debating skills sharpened! This argument will be based on our Romans Topic.

Please make sure you read each night with your child, it makes all the difference. Remember good readers make good writers, so READ, READ, READ! As we are performing our poems and plays this half term, please encourage your children to read out loud and focus on expression and pace!

Each child gets spellings each week and is being tested on the following Friday.


In Science we will be looking at Forces and Motion this half term. We may have a visit to an adventure playground to look at forces such as gravity (on the pole or slide) and spinning on a roundabout.

We are going to really work hard on our Scientific Enquiry skills, so make sure you are asking lots of relevant questions!


In RE this half term we will be asking and answering the important question 'Why do people pray?'

This investigation enables pupils to learn in depth from different religious and spiritual ways of life about prayer: the practice, symbols, words and significance of prayer are studied alongside some key beliefs about prayer, so that pupils can develop thoughtful ideas and viewpoints of their own about prayer.


We are studying History this whole term and our topic is the Romans. We are learning to see the impact that the Romans had on Britain such as literature, architecture, inventions and culture, not to mention language! This may include a trip to see the Roman Wall in London and hopefully a trip to Verulanium - St Albans to us if it is not too costly!

If you would like to help your child to research some facts about Romans times we would love to see what you have found out at school, so please bring in any research! Well done if you have already done this over the Christmas holidays.


PE is on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit on these days including trainers.


How you can help

You can help your child most by being interested in what they are doing at school. Ask him/her about his/her day and what they have enjoyed the most. It is very important that your child is reading for at least 10 minutes a day. The children are encouraged to take a book home from the book corner. Reading records will be checked on a Thursday. We are encouraging reading for pleasure in Year 3, so your child should bring in his/her book everyday so we can all read for pleasure during the school day.

Homework and spellings go home on a Thursday and are expected to be brought back in on a Wednesday. If your child has any problems with the homework, please encourage him/her to come and see a member of the teaching team before Wednesday. Spelling tests will be on Fridays.

If you have any other questions about how to support your child, please come and see a member of the teaching team. We all want to support your child to achieve the best that he/she can!


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