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Christ Church Spitalfields

Christ Church was built between the years 1714 and 1729 as part of the church building programme initiated by the Fifty New Churches act of 1711, backed by Queen Anne, which was implemented by four different Commissions.

For the past 300 years Christ Church has remained a Christian centre of worship and today it has thriving congregations that meet on Sundays and throughout the week. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, preached here towards the end of his life, and staff members have included the 18th century curate Samuel Henshall, who invented the modern corkscrew.

Christ Church is part of the Church of England, in the Stepney Area of the Diocese of London. We embrace the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith. And we believe that seeking God’s kingdom, and living renewed lives together, is vital to growing the life God intends in Spitalfields and beyond.


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